Prototype for discussion purposes (not final!).  The purpose is to share knowledge and help Coffs Hikers leaders plan and lead activities. Not for sharing with ordinary members or the general public.  

  1. Is this idea of useful for you when seeking inspiration or information about an activity to lead? 
  2. Would you contribute by adding trails you know or have led, or help in other ways to build this resource?

Help on how to add and edit a trail

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  1. Michael Faulkner
    Michael Faulkner

    I am probably being a bit picky as this is a work in progress but, it is important for ease of use that the fields in the input form have they same names as the fields in the filter page and that the fields exist in both places. I haven’t yet tried to load a walk just looked through it.

  2. Michael Faulkner
    Michael Faulkner

    Perhaps I missed something but when entering a trail there is no filed for “Activity type” which is used as a filter option. How is this set?

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    Moira Scerri

    Hi Yvonne
    I love the idea you can search for ‘inspiration walks’ .

    I would like the grade of the walk to appear on the fist page. Whilst I know you can search for them, it would be good to know the grading of the walk without going into each or having to restrict the view to only a specific grade of walk.

    Otherwise perfect – thanks for your work on this!

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        Moira Scerri

        Great thanks …. looks good

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    Diana Schroff

    I like this concept and the format that is presented. Not really interested in a spreadsheet format. Good job and thank you

  5. Russell Chiffey
    Russell Chiffey

    I like this concept. It seems to be a simple matter of moving the walks we have done across to this. These can then be edited / reused as required.

  6. Michael Faulkner
    Michael Faulkner

    Hi Yvonne,
    You have done a good job. This presentation is easy to use.
    Some feedback though:
    – If you want ot compare the Google sheets file refer tothis file instead
    The one referenced is an earlier, very messy file.
    – Is it possible to have a “reset” button that resets all filters at once?
    – Each filter could also preferably have an “any” option
    – Region currently is a bit misleading as it seems only some activities have this as a property so if you select a region you miss the ones that have no region. This is about what should be compulsory when entering and what is optional.
    – I haven’t had the time to try entering a walk summary yet.
    Thanks for your efforts /Mick

    1. Coffs Hikers
      Coffs Hikers

      Thanks Mick.
      – I’ve corrected the reference to the Google Sheet.
      – I’ve added a “Clear all filters” button
      – Each filter has an “any” (aka “all) option
      – Only the regions that currently have activities in them are showing up in the filter options. The other regions are there to select from when adding a new activity.
      – We can make fields required or optional. Most fields are optional at the moment, for testing.

      Would be interested to hear how adding an activity goes for you, once you’ve had a chance. At the moment its the default out-of-the-box free WordPress process for adding an activity, but if it is too hard, and people are keen to contribute activities, we can look at improving the user experience of adding trails.

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