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How many leaders does Coffs Hikers need?

To share the fun and offer a full and diverse activity program for all of us to enjoy, we need 20% of our full members to become leaders, each offering at least one activity a quarter.  We think this makes leading sustainable.

We are currently short of our target.  Can you help us get there?

Why become a leader?

Evidence shows that volunteering makes you happier, healthier and more socially connected. Also you’ll get out and about a lot more often if you lead walks!  

You can choose how often you want to lead, there is no obligation. We understand people travel and have other commitments they need to work around. 

Is there a particular walk you want to do? Leaders call the shots, choosing where, when, grade, and group size. Leading is your opportunity to put that activity you’ve always wanted to do on the program, on your terms.

Leaders often go out together in small groups to reconnaissance (reccie) a new walk. This sets us up with co-leaders familiar with the area, and a possible alternate leader if the leader is unavailable for some unforeseen reason.  It is also a great way to share routes and local knowledge. Doing a reccie and being a co-leader helps build your skills as challenges are confronted together.  We get to know each other quite well in the great outdoors, and it’s fun!

We wish we could offer new leaders some swag, but our budget is limited, so instead we offer our enduring gratitude.  Without the generosity and enthusiasm of our volunteer leaders, Coffs Hikers would not exist.

How we support our leaders

What about insurance? Unlike leading for a casual group, we are a not for profit incorporated association, which provides volunteers operating in good faith with legal protection. Members and leaders are insured through our affiliation with the peak body Bushwalking NSW, which includes public liability insurance.

If the prospect of leading is daunting, start by co-leading alongside another leader, who can mentor you and take away the weight of responsibility from you as you learn. 

Hate admin? We have made the processes as painless as possible for leaders. Our website supports automated bookings with waiting lists, online cancellations, online payments, reminders, etc. You can easily see a list of who is signed up for a walk, and easily send out an email to those attending your walk. The activity sign on sheets are automatically pre-filled and emailed to you around 8pm night before, so you have an accurate list of who is attending. 

Leaders also have access to a members directory if they need to contact anyone, or want to check their member status.

Not good with navigation?  Start with a local walk that you know.  A co-leader can help with navigation, and we can also teach you navigation skills. Did you know practising way finding and navigation keeps your brain healthy?   

Don’t know where to go? Our experienced leaders have extensive knowledge of the local area and hikes further afield, and can suggest walks to lead, and help you with information about routes, campsites and access. We have a list of adventurous trails in our region to help you find an activity to lead.  There is also a handy grading calculator

We are grateful to the Council for the City of Coffs Harbour for their support with a donation towards software for supporting leaders, including building our Trails database. 

How you can become a Coffs Hikers leader

Have a chat with any committee member about your interest in leading. 

To become a leader you need to:

  • be a full member, and be familiar with our guidelines for leaders 
  • possess basic first aid skills (a certificate is encouraged but not required) and carry a mobile phone and first aid kit on hikes
  • possess basic navigation skills appropriate for the type of activities you wish to lead 
  • be approved as a leader and added to our register of leaders.