What I am trying to do:  show a list of most recent X events added to our calendar, in post date descending order. Obviously it should show future dated events only (not past events!)

Why?  We have events added all the time and the user can’t immediately see what events are new, they have to scroll through all the events and hope they spot the new ones.  


Test 1: Elementor Events List from The Events Calendar

 The Elementor Events List is good, but it has the wrong sort order.  It shows upcoming events and I want recently added events.  If I could change the sort order to be Post Date DESC, that would be helpful. 

Test 2: Elementor Posts block for Events sorted by Date Published (or Modified) Desc

 The Elementor Posts widget shows recent events published in a given time period, and I could use this if I can’t get The Event Calendar widget to sort by recent date published.  Note there is a bug with this Elementor widget – even though the Query is set to sort by Post Date DESC, it always sorts by Post Date ASC!

Also the date shown is the Post Date, which is not the same as the Event Date.  This widget doesn’t let you access custom fields like Event Date.