Duty of care

All participants in Coffs Hikers activities owe a duty of care to other participants. If you are the activity leader, you owe a higher duty of care. You should ensure all participants understand and sign in as a requirement to attend (the sheet includes the Acknowledgement of Risk and obligations), are suitably attired and equipped, and warn participants about any hazards on an activity that are not inherent or obvious.

Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance

Coffs Hikers are affiliated with Bushwalking NSW and insured through Bushwalking Australia. We have Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance for members, which covers approved Coffs Hikers club activities in Australia and New Zealand, but not internationally. Participants are required to be full or trial members of Coffs Hikers, and to sign an Acknowledgment of Risk in order to be covered by insurance.

Please note

  • Specific details about insurance coverage, conditions and claims can only be answered by the Bushwalking Australia insurance brokers. More details here.
  • Reconnaissance or exploratory walks are covered by insurance – but before you go, you must send a brief email to the activity email address noting the details (who, where, when), minimum two people and sign in sheet not required.
  • Activities in closed National Parks and closed State Forests are not covered by insurance. Your personal vehicle insurance may not cover closed roads.
  • E-bikes on club activities are not covered by insurance, as they are considered a “motorised vehicle”.
  • The maximum number of walks a Trial Member can attend is 3. After that they must become a Full Member to be covered by insurance.
  • Members need to provide their own Ambulance Cover. Emergency rescues can be expensive!

Incidents and claims

If an incident occurs, the Incident Form should be filled out by the leader, reviewed and retained by the committee. Follow the insurer’s guidelines regarding claims, noting that you first need to claim from Medicare, your Private Health Fund or compensation scheme.