Download the Incident Report Form (PDF) for completion by the leader after an incident.

Incident Response Checklist

  • Emergency services contacted if necessary
  • Leader completes Incident Report Form at the earliest opportunity, including witness statements if relevant, and emails it to Membership Officer (or another committee member if not available)
  • Membership Officer notifies committee, managing confidentiality
  • Committee appoints Incident coordinator if required, to liaise with the member, emergency services, and other parties
  • The appropriate person (leader, Incident coordinator, and/or Membership Officer*) follows up with member(s) involved to check on their welfare
  • Committee receives Incident Report Form and files in Google Drive
  • Committee meet with the leader for debrief and discussion if required
  • Committee considers any recommendations that result from discussion of the incident


An incident is an event which may result in an insurance claim being made, such as serious injury, death, damage to third party property or loss of possessions. An accident is where a person is injured. A serious injury is one requiring medical attention.  

After an incident of serious injury, death or property damage or loss, the leader is required to alert the committee of the incident by phoning the Membership Officer (or another committee member if not available). The leader must complete the Incident Report Form and email the form to the Membership Officer as soon as possible.The committee will appoint an incident coordinator to liaise with the injured member and their family, emergency services, media and insurance if required. Private information should remain confidential. 

A near miss is an event that could have caused an incident. Leaders may wish to follow these guidelines for a near miss, as it is possible that the full extent of injuries are not known at time of the incident.

Coffs Hikers Inc. are affiliated with Bushwalking NSW, and insured through Bushwalking Australia. Further information is available at

Missing group

Members may not return from the activity by the expected time.

After an emergency contact has notified the committee of overdue return, the committee will attempt to contact the leader or members of the group. Depending on the time elapsed and the circumstances, the committee will contact local police providing information to support search and rescue.The committee will appoint a person to coordinate the club response. After safe return, the leader is required to complete an incident report form. 

Committee responsibilities

After an incident has been addressed, the committee and leader will discuss the matter. The committee will consider any recommendations that result from the discussion to prevent similar incidents in future, and retain the Incident Report Form in Coffs Hikers Google Drive folders for 7 years. The club will report annually on incidents.