What to wear and bring on a ride

An approved helmet of course, properly fitted and secured.  Wear suitable cycling clothes and covered shoes with laces secured. A hi-vis vest is suggested to improve visibility on roads. Bring sufficient water, snacks and your first aid kit

Your Bicycle

 You will need a roadworthy bicycle, in good working order, with a bell and light.  Bring a small repair kit, pump, and your bike lock.  We expect all cyclists to be self-reliant.   

Choose a ride that is within your cycling abilities, your fitness and suitable for your bike. Rides will specify what type of bicycles are suitable, eg road, hybrid, touring, MTB. If in doubt, ask the leader before joining the activity.

E-bikes permitted under NSW Government e-bike rules are welcome. Please ensure you have sufficient battery range for the ride. In a mixed group of human powered bikes and e-bikes with pedal assist, please be mindful not to push the pace too fast, just because you can. Take care on hills, give others space particularly when overtaking.

Play by the rules

Know the rules for bike riders that apply when cycling on roads, cycleways or shared paths.

Do not follow too closely behind another rider. It is legal to ride in pairs, but not recommended. Only ride in pairs if safe to do so, and maintain at least one metre separation.  Communicate with other riders in the group, warning of dangers ahead, cars approaching from behind, or if passing or stopping unexpectedly.  

Bicycle NSW has great information with tips on cycling, safety, gear, bike maintenance and more.