Hello, how can we help you?

There are always hazards and risks with any type of outdoor activity, including bushwalking and hiking. We will ask you to sign an Acknowledgement of Risk and Obligations.  Choose a walk within your capabilities, be appropriately dressed, and carry the right gear.  Remember, you are responsible for your safety. 

There is more information on safety in the Bushwalking Manual and on the Bushwalking NSW website. We are affiliated with Bushwalking NSW, so our leaders and members are insured.

You must join as a trial member to gain access to our Calendar and to book onto a walk. You will need to sign the Acknowledgement of Risk and Obligations.  

You can try us out for two or at most three walks over four months, after which your temporary membership will expire.  After completing two trial walks, you may apply for full membership. 

Leaders may allow you to join an activity if you are visiting the Coffs Coast from another area, as a guest of full member. Members need to ask the leader first to get permission to bring their visitor. Of course, visitors will still need to sign the Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligations. 

Financial members of other Bushwalking NSW clubs are welcome to join a walk as a visitor, please contact us first. 

Trial membership is $5.  Full membership has an annual subscription fee of $35.

Coffs Hikers don’t charge for joining a particular walk or activity, that is covered by your membership fees. However, you will  need to pay your share of any National Parks fees, car-pooling camping or food costs.  

Our easy walks are suitable for fit beginners, while are hard walks are for fit and experienced walkers only.

Walks on the program may give the distance, but that can be misleading as off-track is slow and tiring, and flat formed tracks are easy and fast. Read the walk information carefully as it may describe terrain, pace and challenges like steep hills or creek crossings.  Ask the leader for more information if necessary, so you can assess if the walk is suitable for you.

We expect all walkers to be self-reliant.

For a short or day walk please wear suitable closed walking shoes and clothes to protect you from the bush, sun and weather.  Pack a small daypack with water to drink, lunch and snacks, your first aid kit, a warm layer, rain gear.  Toilet paper, hand sanitiser and a ziplock bag for rubbish. And don’t forget some money for car pooling. 

Leaders may refuse to take you if you are inadequately dressed or equipped. 

Not all walks are suitable for children under 18. The leader decides who they will accept on a walk, and may refuse children, or set a minimum age. Please ask the leader in advance of the walk for their permission to bring your children. 

All children must be accompanied by and fully supervised by their parent, grand-parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian will need to sign an Acknowledgement of risk and waiver on behalf of the child and bring this to the walk.  If a grand parent is supervising the child the parent or guardian will still need to sign this form.  We have a Child Protection Policy.

Unfortunately we cannot take dogs on group walks.