Coffs Hikers uses an online booking system which captures event details including route and expected return time. Participants book on the event on the website which has their records such as home address and emergency contacts. A paper Activity Sign on Form with emergency contact details is filled in by participants on the day of the event, and carried by the leader.

We recognise that the risk exposure is lower for walks in areas where there is substantial mobile phone coverage, and emergency contacts are not required for these activities. Risk exposure is higher for walks that are substantially outside of 3G mobile phone coverage, particularly where the duration of the walk is longer (multiple days) or includes significant off track walking. Emergency contacts are required for activities with higher risk exposure.

Before departure

  • the leader and all participants advise a responsible person (eg a family member or friend) of their intentions and expected return time
  • each participant is advised to carry their completed medical information form in their first aid kit or completed MedicalID on their smartphone
  • the leader ensures the activity sign on form is completed by all participants
  • the leader carries a mobile phone, and where appropriate (due to remote location, difficult terrain or long duration) may also carry a PLB or satellite communication device

On return

  • the leader advises their emergency contact person as soon as possible of their safe return.
  • participants advise their personal contact person of safe return

If no contact has been received within a reasonable time of the expected return, and after attempts have been made to contact and communicate with the leader or participants, the Coffs Hikers committee will alert the police.