Urumbilum Creek Circuit

Current bookings: 13 of 12 places

A fitness training walk, with ridgeline views, creek crossings, rainforest and waterfalls

Leader: Judy
Grade: 5 Hard
Distance: 24 km

Fridays Creek Valley

Current bookings: 11 of 15 places

Walk over, around and through Fridays Creek to a lookout with a view to the sea.

Leader: Karen
Grade: 4 Medium/Hard
Distance: 20 km

Yarrawarra to Red Rock

Current bookings: 15 of 15 places

A low tide walk on the beach, headland, and alongside Corindi creek

Leader: Yvonne
Grade: 2 Easy/Medium
Distance: 10.5 km

Urunga to Hungry Head Loop

Current bookings: 11 of 15 places

A pleasant winter walk from the boardwalk, beach to headland and return inland

Leader: Rik
Grade: 1 Easy
Distance: 8 km

Skills for Fun

Current bookings: 22 of 30 places

A training day with something for everyone

Leader: Jan
Grade: 1 Easy
Distance: N/A km

Hungry Gate campout

Current bookings: 16 of 20 places

A full moon campout to star watch from the dunes, with whale watching and diverse habitat on walks in Hat Head NP

Leader: Sue
Leader: Tim
Grade: 3 Medium
Distance: 12 km

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