Gibraltar Ranges

Current bookings: 4 of 8 places

A weekend away camping, with a hike on Saturday and helping out at the trail running event on Sunday

Grade: 4 Medium/Hard
Distance: up to 25 km

Mirrum creek and falls

Current bookings: 7 of 15 places

A very steep off track descent, rock hopping along the creek in lovely rainforest, then a steady climb out on a track.

Grade 5 Hard
Distance: 10 km

Dorrigo Dash

Have some fun orienteering in Dorrigo on the Dorrigo Dash (or Dorrigo Dawdle if thats your style).

Grade: 1 Easy


Current bookings: 8 of 15 places

Explore Ngambaa Nature Reserve, off track from Cedar Park

Grade: 4 Medium/Hard
Distance: 10 km

Sawmill MTB

Current bookings: 4 of 7 places

Pick your distance and grade for a mountain bike ride at Sawmill

Grade: 2 Easy/Medium
Distance: 15 km

Cooks Creek

Current bookings: 7 of 15 places

A creek walk in the Kalang headwaters

Grade: 4 Medium/Hard
Distance: approx 8 km


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