The intention of the trails information is to make it easy for Coffs Hikers leaders to find ideas for an activity, and to share our walk knowledge with other Coffs Hikers leaders. This information is not for sharing with the general public.

How to find an activity to lead

Browse the list or use search. Or use the filter for gradings, time, region etc to find something that’s good for you to lead.

How to add a new trail

First check to see if the trail already exists! For a variation, it might be better to add your variation to the existing trail. If your trail is new, then follow these steps:

Click Add New Trail

Enter a title.

Enter some descriptive text. How much is up to you. Consider what would help another leader put a successful walk on the program, such as: notes on challenging sections, alternative routes, early escape points, access and parking, good tea and lunch spots, interesting things to see along the way, any toilet facilities, best times of year, if the walk is impacted by tides or river heights, etc.

Scroll down and complete the fields for grading, time (exclude travel time, this is just actual walk time), distance, etc. Leave out what is not relevant or unknown. A GPX file is helpful if you have one and are willing to share.

For the Google map to the start of the walk to work, you will need to give a fairly precise address.

On the right hand side, enter the category (eg Walk, Multi-Day Walk, Camping, Cycling, Kayaking) and the region (eg Coffs Harbour, Clarence Valley etc) of the activity. You can also add the National Parks or State Forests if you wish. Optionally add a featured image.

<< include a picture in here >>

Now hit the Publish button!