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How do I book a walk?

Login to the website and open the activity that you want to attend. Scroll down to the RSVP section. A message will display if bookings are not yet open. 

When bookings are open, click the button to RSVP.

After you have booked your place, you will receive a confirmation email.

Why are there limits on group sizes for walks?

We limit group sizes on walk for a number of reasons:

  • Insurance requirements, both minimum and maximum group sizes
  • Land managers may have restrictions, for example a National Park may require consent for a group above a certain size, or impose group size limits in wilderness areas.
  • The number of campsites, or parking spaces available at the track head, or number of 4WDs available for access, may all put a limit group numbers
  • And lastly, our volunteer leaders may not feel comfortable leading a group above a certain size on a particular walk, and ultimately group size is their decision

What if the walk I want to do is full?

You can join the waitlist for a fully-booked walk. If someone cancels, the first person on the waitlist is automatically offered a place, and an email will be sent to notify them.  

If a walk is very popular, we may be able to schedule a repeat walk on another date, or we may be able to split the group if a second leader volunteers.

What does "Expressions of Interest" mean?

We have three types of bookings

  • No need to book – for these activities, you can just turn up.
  • Bookings – for most activities, please use the website RSVP system. These walks are booked on a first in basis. If you have not walked with the leader before, they may ask you questions about your fitness level and walking experience.
  • Expressions of interest – for certain walks, the volunteer leader reserves the right to choose who they will accept from all those who have indicated their interest in an activity on the website. Reasons for this include that the leader wants to  have confidence in members abilities on challenging walks, and ensure a harmonious group of walkers with similar capabilities and pace. 

You need to first walk with us regularly on day walks before joining an overnight full-pack walk or multi-day full-pack walk, but newcomers are welcome to join us at base campouts with day walks. 

For challenging walks, you might see “Must be known to leader”. If they don’t know you and haven’t walked with you before, they aren’t comfortable taking you as it potentially puts the whole group at risk – it’s their decision as a volunteer leader. 

How do I view my bookings, or change my booking details

There are two ways that you can view your booking. First, login to the website.

  1. Find the activity on the Calendar, then open the activity page and scroll down to the RSVP section. A message will indicate you are booked, or on the waiting list.
  2. Alternatively, go to the My account menu, and the sub menu My activities. All the activities that you are either booked on or on the waiting list are shown, as well as your past activities.  The Edit button allows you to change your booking details, for example if you can no longer offer use of a 4WD to access the trail head

How do I cancel a walk?

If you are unable to attend a walk, please use the website to cancel your booking as soon as possible to allow others to attend. 

If you are cancelling after bookings have closed, usually the evening before the activity, please text the leader, as they may not check their email, read Facebook etc.  You can find the leaders email address and mobile phone number on the activity details on the website. 

Please do not be a no show! It is disrespectful to the volunteer leader and to those on the waitlist. 

To cancel, either:

  • Go to the My account menu, and the sub menu My activities. Find the activity you want to cancel, and click the Cancel button (see screenshot above)
  • Or, find the activity on the Calendar, then open the activity page, and scroll down to the RSVP section. A message will indicate you are booked, or on the waiting list, and below that is a link to “Cancel, I can no longer go”, ask in the screenshot below

The leader may cancel the walk if there are less than 4 people or they have concerns about safety, for example if extreme weather is forecast. They will let you know if the walk is cancelled, so check your phone or email.

Why didn't I get an email about the walk?

The website sends you an email from (Coffs Hikers) when

  • you book onto a walk 
  • someone cancels, and you are moved off the waiting list and booked onto the walk
  • you cancel a walk, or the leader cancels the walk
  • and the day before the walk as a reminder
If you didn’t receive an email, please check your junk or spam folder. Some email providers (like gmail) are more zealous than others at blocking spam. Adding the email address with the name Coffs Hikers to your contacts will help ensure the email lands in your inbox. 
While emails are all sent from, the reply to address is the activity leader.  So if you reply to one of the above emails, it lands in the inbox of the leader.