In voluntarily participating in any activity of Coffs Hikers Inc, I am aware that I am risking injury, illness and death and loss or damage to my property. Typical risks may include but are not limited to hyperthermia, hypothermia, slipping on loose or icy surfaces, slipping on rocks, falling rocks, exposure, snake bite, bee stings and other insect attacks, burns, drownings, stepping into unseen holes, accidents during vehicle travel to walks, navigation errors and becoming lost.

To minimise risks I will:

  • inform myself of the nature of the activity and ensure that it is within my capabilities
  • carry food, water, medication, clothing and equipment appropriate for the activity
  • advise the leader of any physical or other limitation, or any dependence on medication, that may require urgent attention during the activity
  • make every effort to remain with the rest of the party during the activity
  • advise the leader of any concerns that I am having and
  • comply with all reasonable instructions of the leader.

I have read and understand these risks and requirements.

I confirm that I am over 18 years of age.